About Us

RLMS is a Queensland based environmental, mapping and land management consultancy established in 1990 by Ross Skerman. Ross established RLMS to fill what he saw as a gap in the market for a consultancy that delivered results. The company has grown since its initial days but Ross has always worked on the philosophy of maintaining a small group of employees who are experienced and technical experts in their fields.

The company has grown in expertise from a linear infrastructure mapping and land rights acquisition to now include tenure management, environmental studies and reports, resources strategy, due diligence and petroleum data. It has also increased its scope to include power transmission, rail road, slurry and water pipelines. It has also extended its geographic range to include all of Australia.

Projects that have helped shape RLMS include Southwest Queensland Gas Pipeline, Sun LNG, due diligence on the MAP, DBNGP, and Queensland gas Pipelines, and the CopperString Project.

RLMS has changed with the times and has come from paper based mapping to a GIS based mapping powerhouse. All mapping and lands records are stored digitally.