Isotope Study


Queensland University of Technology (QUT) undertook an independent resource project on the Great Artesian Basin in the central west area of Queensland, covering much of the area held under exploration tenements in the Galilee Basin. Part of the research project involves a basin-wide water sampling program aimed at obtaining samples from each of the various aquifers in the region. The water sampling component of the project was managed by the consultancy, Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM), who have officers based locally in Barcaldine.

The data collected was used to identify sources and quality of aquifer water, and aimed to increase the understanding of the Great Artesian Basin. A better understanding of the hydrogeology of the basin will assist in planning for and identifying potential impacts of future resource projects. Copies of bore results were provided to the relevant bore owner free of charge.

QUT sought assistance from the petroleum tenure holders in the region, most of whom are members of the Galilee Basin Operators’ Forum (GBOF). This assistance includes provision of data and some funding support to enable the collection of the water samples. Results of the study were made available to GBOF companies. Selection of bores for sampling was based solely on geological factors and had no relationship to any proposed work programs by individual petroleum companies.

Participation was voluntary.

The Abstract from Claudio Moya’s Final PHD Seminar can be found HERE

The Isotope Project Results can be found HERE