Galilee Basin Operators’ Forum (GBOF)


  • GBOF is a voluntary body established in late 2010 by a group of Coal Seam Gas (CSG) explorers in the Galilee Basin in Queensland’s central west.
  • All members of GBOF hold Government-issued Authorities to Prospect (ATP) for Petroleum and are focused on CSG or conventional petroleum exploration.
  • The key focus of the group is to lead and co-ordinate groundwater studies in the region.  This co-operative approach has been designed to facilitate consistency of data collection methodology and terminology across the various permits in the future.

RLMS’ Involvement

  • RLMS was engaged by GBOF to provide consultancy services and project management to the group.
  • This involved co-ordination and project management of a baseline water assessment report by RPS ( and sample collection by IWRM ( for an isotope study by university researchers.
  • RLMS also prepared a summary and explanatory guideline document on the results of the RPS study.


GBOF has a page to provide community, industry and government stakeholders with transparent and ready access to relevant information and updates on activities. For further information visit the Galilee Basin Operators’ Forum page or contact Sue Slater, Senior Advisor at RLMS.



Current Forum Members are:

  • AGL Energy Limited
  • Blue Energy Limited
  • Comet Ridge Limited
  • Exoma Energy Limited
  • Galilee Energy Limited
  • Pangaea Galilee Pty Ltd
  • Queensland Energy Resources Limited
  • WestSide Corporation Limited

Former Forum Members are:

  • Origin Energy Limited
  • Resolve Geo Pty Ltd