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The Braemar Bulk Export Project

Braemar Infrastructure PTY LTD


  • The project will develop a multi-user infrastructure corridor connecting the Braemar Basin to the Spencer Gulf, which will facilitate investment into the Braemar Basin’s developing Iron Ore industry.
  • The multibillion dollar project will provide the export facilities and infrastructure, including power and water to support the export of up to 100 million tonnes of Iron Ore Concentrate per year from the Braemar Basin.
  • RLMS assisted The Braemar Bulk Infrastructure project in the early concept design of the project and is coordinating the EIS, environmental approval process and landholder consultation activities.
  • RLMS is ensuring legislative requirements are met and that adequate stakeholder consultation is undertaken to inform all interested parties in the detailed design of the project and positive outcomes that will be generated.


Mid Yorke Peninsula, South Australia


Detailed Service Summary

  • RLMS was involved in and gave advice in the project’s concept design phase.
  • RLMS coordinated the initial corridor selection process for the Braemar Bulk Export project and was actively in the site selection of the floating, processing, storage and offloading facility, the concentrate, receival and handling facility and supporting infrastructure sites.
  • RLMS was involved in the detailed negotiations with the South Australian State Government to determine the most appropriate legislative process for the project to be regulated under.
  • RLMS prepared a regulatory approval strategy for the project.

services provided

  • Corridor route and site selection

  • Government relations

  • Project Management

  • Consultation on infrastructure design and processes

  • Environmental assessment and management plans

  • Preparation of and Environmental Impact Statement

  • Preparation of report and consultation mapping

  • Negotiation of route alignment, land access and land acquisition with public and private landholders

key consultants

  • Mr Bob Otjen, General Manager

  • Mr Richard Wood, Senior Advisor

  • Ms Kerissa Reedy, GIS Specialist

  • Mr Quentin Andrews, GIS Specialist

  • Mr Richard Coster, Environmental Consultant

  • Mr Tom Lingard, Land Agent