The Queensland Hunter Gas Pipeline

Hunter Gas Pipeline Pty Ltd


  • The Queensland Hunter Gas Pipeline is a critical energy infrastructure project that will deliver competitively priced gas to eastern Australia, meet growing demand for gas and improve security of supply.
  • The estimated cost of the Project is $900 million and it is anticipated that the Project will provide up to 600 jobs during construction and 25 during operations.
  • RLMS assisted the Client to select a pipeline route, negotiate with landholders and gain State environmental approvals in Queensland and New South Wales.


  • The pipeline will be 831km long, running between the Wallumbilla Gas Hub in Queensland and Newcastle in NSW.


Detailed Service Summary

  • RLMS identified the initial corridor for the pipeline. The initial corridor selection process involved a desktop study and field activities. This route selection process was detailed in a specialist report for the Client.
  • RLMS health land agents contacted the almost 450 landowners of the 1250 land parcels affected by the proposed pipeline route. These contacts negotiated refinements to the route alignment, access for environmental and geotechnical investigations and land acquisition.
  • RLMS prepared and made application for the relevant Queensland petroleum authorities under the Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004.
  • RLMS oversaw the NSW regulatory approval process including consulting with NSW State and local government agencies.
  • RLMS prepared and submitted a referral to the Commonwealth Government under the EPBC Act. RLMS was able to demonstrate that by careful route selection the Project was not a controlled action under the EPBC Act.
  • RLMS prepared the GIS mapping required for the preparation of all environmental reports and in-field activities.
  • Pipeline route alignment sheets were prepared on behalf of the Client to allow multiple layers of data to be presented on a single visual medium. Alignment sheets are a useful GIS solution for the design and construction of linear infrastructure.

services provided

  • Initial feasibility and corridor route selection.

  • Negotiation of route alignment, land access and land acquisition with public and private landholders.

  • Management of assessment and approval process for the construction of the Project in Queensland and supervision of the environmental approvals in New South Wales (NSW)

  • Community consultation activities

key consultants

  • Mr Ross Skerman, Managing Director

  • Ms Sue Slater, Senior Advisor – Petroleum

  • Mr Daniel Joyce, GIS Manager

  • Ms Kerissa Reedy, GIS Specialist

  • Mr Tom Lingard, Land Agent

  • Mr Anthony Ellerman, Land Agent