• The ZeroGen Project was a critical milestone in the commercialisation of Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle with Carbon Capture Storage.
  • The Project was located in Central Queensland and was the site for the Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) Power Plant site, pipeline route, seismic line alignment and an extensive drilling program.
  • RLMS assisted ZeroGen in the refinement of the seismic line alignment and coordinated the land access for the EIS sub-consultants and landholder consultation activities.
  • RLMS ensured that adequate stakeholder consultation was undertaken to generate positive outcomes for all interested parties.
  • RLMS managed the landholder closeout process.


Central Queensland, Australia

Detailed Service Summary

  • RLMS coordinated the initial corridor selection processes based on information received from the client and using key selection criteria based on engineering, land use, environmental, landowner requirements.
  • RLMS provided the GIS mapping required for the preparation of all reports and in-field activities.
  • RLMS’s Land Agents refined routes and seismic line alignment based on feedback from detailed field review and landholder/stakeholder input.
  • The establishment of a property database that is linked to the GIS to manage all contact with landholders.
  • Individual landholder maps were prepared on behalf of the Client to inform landholders of the proposed route and as a basis for negotiation.
  • RLMS managed sub-consultants that completed specialist studies required for the preparation of the EIS.
  • Land Agent services to allow land access, geophysical data acquisition, well drilling and final closure of seismic lines and well sites.

services provided

  • Public and land owner consultation process, including negotiation of IGCC power plant site and pipeline route and land access.
  • Preparation of report and consultation mapping.
  • Review of seismic alignment and recommendations.
  • Public and land owner consultation process, including negotiation of seismic alignment and land access with public and private landholders.
  • Landholder communication.
  • Close out with landholders for Permit closure.

key consultants

  • Mr Ross Skerman, Managing Director

  • Ms Sandra Sherriff, Senior Advisor

  • Ms Sue Slater, Senior Advisor - Petroleum

  • Ms Kerissa Reedy, GIS Specialist
  • Mr Tom Lingard, Senior Land Agent