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The Eastern Australia Upstream Gas newsletter

The Eastern Australia Upstream Gas newsletter is a monthly publication that reports all current developments in the upstream sector of the natural gas industry.

All articles contain links to the source information for easy reference. As well as feature articles, the monthly newsletter covers areas such as Corporate Activity and Reserves and Resources.

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Tenure Matters

“Tenure Matters” is a regular column written by Sue Slater, Senior Advisor Petroleum, RLMS.  The column addresses issues affecting tenure security, proposed or recent legislative or policy changes and operational practices that may impact on tenure activities, as well as other issues that may be of general interest to petroleum tenure holders.

Previous Issues of Tenure Matters

June 2017 – Tenure Matters Issue 36 - Securing domestic gas supply, Part 2 – a look at the Australian Domestic Gas Security Mechanism.

May 2017 – Tenure Matters Issue 35 - Securing domestic gas supply, Part 1 – a review of progress made with respect to the 2015 Domestic Gas Strategy.

April 2017 – Tenure Matters Issue 34 - A look at fee increases in Petroleum & Gas (Production & Safety) Act 2004 and the Environmental Protection Act 1994

March 2017 – Tenure Matters Issue 33 - Some thoughts on the “gas crisis”

January/February 2017 – Tenure Matters Issue 32 – A discussion on the background to the Prospective Gas Production Land Reserve provisions

December 2016 – Tenure Matters Issue 31 - A  retrospective look at 2016

November 2016 – Tenure Matters Issue 30 - The Gas Supply and Demand Action Plan

October 2016 – Tenure Matters Issue 29 - What does well-regulated really mean?

September 2016 – Tenure Matters Issue 28 - Underground water rights, some history and legislative reform

August 2016 – Tenure Matters Issue 27 - More on the gas supply and demand debate

June 2016 – Tenure Matters Issue 26 - Are we really open for business?

May 2016 – Tenure Matters Issue 25 - A retrospective look at UCG policy development in Queensland

April 2016 – Tenure Matters Issue 24 -  A discussion on the Environmental Protection (Chain Of Responsibility) Amendment Bill 2016

January 2016 – Tenure Matters Issue 23 -  A look at the declining level of exploration in Queensland

December 2015 – Tenure Matters Issue 22 -  Is this a case of buyer aware? Strategic divestment of aging assets.

November 2015 – Tenure Matters Issue 21 -  A brief discussion on the NEGI

October 2015 – Tenure Matters Issue 20 -  A look at the Cooper Basin land release and the Strategic Environmental Area

September 2015 – Tenure Matters Issue 19 – A look at hydraulic fracturing – independent reviews, moratoriums and policy development

August 2015 – Tenure Matters Issue 18 -  Some thoughts on the Gas Supply and Demand Action Plan

July 2015 – Tenure Matters Issue 17 - How approval time frames are impacting the progression from exploration to early development

June 2015 – Tenure Matters Issue 16 -A different approach to land release areas in frontier or greenfields basins

May 2015 – Tenure Matters Issue 15 -  Compliance and the hot stove principle

April  2015 – Tenure Matters Issue 14 -  A discussion on land – restricted land, constrained land, excluded land and unavailable land – what’s the difference?

March 2015 – Tenure Matters Issue 13 -  Overlapping tenure – is this the regime we had to have?

February 2015 – Tenure Matters Issue 12 -  Linear infrastructure associated with resource projects, Part 2

January 2015 – Tenure Matters Issue 11 -  Pipelines under the Petroleum & Gas (Production & Safety) Act 2004

December 2014 - Tenure Matters Issue 10 - Well completion reports – an anachronism in a digital age?

November 2014 - Tenure Matters Issue 9Issues arising from the strata-titling of petroleum tenures

October 2014 – Tenure Matters Issue 8 Legacy petroleum wells

September 2014 – Tenure Matters Issue 7 - Cooper Basin and Queensland Government’s deep oil and gas framework

August 2014 – Tenure Matters Issue 6 Land Banking or Retention – What is the Difference?

July 2014 – Tenure Matters Issue 5  The reform processes that are in progress by the State Government

June 2014 – Tenure Matters Issue 4  Relinquishments and surrenders, particularly in relation to Authorities to Prospect (ATP) and their relevant Environmental Authorities (EA).

May 2014 – Tenure Matters Issue 3  The land release gazetted on 4 April 2014 by the Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mines

April 2014 – Tenure Matters Issue 2 Later Work Programs

March 2014 – Tenure Matters Issue 1 Proposed legislative changes and policies that are currently out for consultation or under consideration


Richard Wood, Senior Advisor, has written a summary of the Regional Planning Interest Act 2014 that is expected to become operational in the second half of 2014.  The Act introduces a new Regional Interests Development Approval regime for resource projects.


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